BOMB 60 Summer 1997

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Alfred Uhry by Paul Rudd
​Alfred Uhry 01

Uhry’s first play, Driving Miss Daisy, won a Pulitzer Prize. His Obie-nominated play, The Last Night of Ballyhoo, is a poignant and hilarious encounter with an Atlanta family of German-Jewish descent just before the outbreak of WWII.

Barry Le Va by Saul Ostrow
​Barry Le Va 01

Barry Le Va has been making situational sculptures since the late ’60s. He and his cohorts, Bruce Nauman, Gordon Matta Clark and Carl Andre, helped reinvent what sculpture could become. Le Va and Saul Ostrow unearth the past and overturn the present.

Jane Dickson by Sylvère Lotringer
Jane Dickson 01

Dickson’s paintings documented the isolation and the life of Times Square pre-vamp. She and Sylvère Lotringer discuss the suburbs, demolition derby and becoming American.

Jon Lee Anderson by David L. Ulin

Che Guevara: celebrated warrior, revolutionary leader, figure of myth. In his biography of the Argentine-turned-Cuban hero, John Lee Anderson goes behind the scenes to unearth the man. This article is part of the Bohen Series on Critical Discourse.

Judy Davis by Liza Béar
​Judy Davis 01

The consummate actress, Judy Davis talks about her starring role in the epic satire, Children of the Revolution.

Lydia Davis by Francine Prose
​Lydia Davis

The title of Lydia Davis’ story collection, Almost No Memory, belies the author’s capacity for nuance and detail. Fellow writer Francine Prose discusses the sensuality of structure and the perfection of shape.

Peter Greenaway by Lawrence Chua
Peter Greenaway 01

The architect of dreams, filmmaker Peter Greenaway describes his film, The Pillow Book, an ode to Sei Shonagon’s 10th century vernacular sex diary and CD-roms.

Roger Guenveur Smith by Coco Fusco

Roger Guenveur Smith’s new play, Juan and John, is up at the Public now. In this ’97 interview, Coco Fusco probes the man and his narrative, a complex and riveting portrayal of a ’60s icon, and a fast-fire delivery.

David Del Tredici by J. D. Dolan
​David Del Tredici 01

Composer David Del Tredici is playing at Bargemusic as part of their Labor Day Music Festival.

Artists on Artists
David Armstrong by Nan Goldin
Armstrong 01

David has always believed in the truth inherent in beauty, but the genuine emotion in his work makes it absolutely authentic.

First Proof
I Dream I am the Only Passenger on Flight 423 to Srinagar by Agha Shahid Ali

I dream / I am the only / passenger / on flight 423 / to Srinagar,

Already Dead by Denis Johnson

This First Proof contains an excerpt from the novel Already Dead.

A Man of Small Volume by Gabriella De Ferrari

This First Proof contains the story “A Man of Small Volume” from Stories on Volume.

Resentment: A Comedy by Gary Indiana

Seth blames his adventures later that night on the speed hit JD gave him in the car, but in reality he drank much more than he realized (he confesses as much) at Teddy Wade’s party, 

Four Poems by Gigi Marks

Miscellaneous Costs

So it is true that nothing

Jeanne Dunning by Mimi Thompson
Jeanne Dunning 01

Jeanne Dunning creates work brimming with a macabre stylishness.

Spirits of Manhattan by Kathleen White
Kathleen White 01 Bomb 060
Domain by Marcia Lyons
Marcia Lyons BOMB 60
La Zona Roja by Mark Jude Poirier

We were cheap-ass perverts, Beezer and me. 

Decor #1: Bavaria by Mark Robbins
Mark Robbins 001 BOMB 60
Two Stories by Roberta Allen

How I longed to linger on that north shore beach and look through the seaweed for iridescent 

On The Tallest Hill In Rome by Roberto Juarez
Mark Strand Bomb 060

“I Too Am …”

I dream of my house on the Gianicolo
near Villa Pamphili,

Black Maps by Sharon Horvarth
Sharon Horvarth 60
In Bosnia by Steven Henry Madoff

“Everything was on fire,

Editor's Choice
Seamus Deane’s Reading in the Dark by Peter Strauss

A beautiful, heartrending, and superbly written autobiographical first novel — and how many are not — which has been eagerly awaited for many years.

Daniel Harris’s The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture by Gary Indiana
Daniel Harris 01 Bomb 060

It’s a truly unexpected pleasure to find a first-rate writer explicating a subject that is not only sprawlingly large but exceptionally clouded by obfuscation, emotionalism, and political pieties.

Reverend Ethan Acres by David Pagel
​Reverend Ethan Acres

Good old-time religion and edgy, contemporary art make for odd bedfellows, but this unholy alliance thrives in the art and life of Reverend Ethan Acres.

Tina Barney by Marvin Heiferman
Barney 1 Body

Browsing through her diaries in preparation for a retrospective monograph to be published by Scalo books, Tina Barney realized she’d been contemplating photographing nudes since the 1980s

Peter Boynton by Saul Ostrow
Boynton 1 Body

The triumphant return of Duchamp’s “readymade” in the 1960s and its acceptance as a form of art making in the 1980s, is thought of as marking the final phase in the conceptualization of art

Jim Butler by Shirley Kaneda
Butler 1 Body

Jim Butler’s recent paintings bring to the tradition of “realism” a concern for the act of perception.

The Wooster Group by Mark Magill
Wooster 1 Body

It is a strange fact of nature that the most violent forms of weather—hurricanes and tornadoes—have at their heart a calm, still center. That center is only evident because of the contrasting fury that surrounds it. Otherwise, it’s just another pleasant, sunny day.

Subjectivity: Ween, Michael Kroll, and the Dandy Warhols by Lynn Geller
Subjectivity 2 Body

My sister, a therapist, gave me a psychological test. It addressed modes of thinking. All seemed normal except for one area. Apparently logic has a very tenuous position in my brain, often rousted by intuition to wander aimlessly through a universe of subjectivity. 

Royal Trux by Tod Wizon
Royal Trux 1

Royal Trux’s scuzzy biker image belies a music of great complexity, nuance, and imagination. With a wash of organ here, and a little wah wah there, Royal Trux turn their devoted eyes towards the music of the ’60s, which they charmingly evoke rather than recreate. 

Tibor Fischer’s The Collector Collector by Jenifer Berman
​Tibor Fischer

A storytelling bowl with the selective ability to change size and shape, to grow eight feet high, to repair itself when shattered, to save its unlucky possessor from harm’s way. 

Deborah Eisenberg’s The Stories (So Far) of Deborah Eisenberg by Thomas Bolt
Eisenberg 1 Body

The Stories (So Far) of Deborah Eisenberg collects her first two books; All Around Atlantis is new. 

Klaus Kertess’s South Brooklyn Casket Company by Betsy Sussler
​Klaus Kertess

There is a lushness to Kertess’s prose, a soft belly that belies its toughness.

Colm Tóibín’s The Story of Night by Patrick McGrath
Toibin 1 Body

This is Colm Tóibín’s third novel, and a very fine piece of work it is too.

William H. Gass’s Finding a Form by Guy Gallo
​William Gass

The man teaches by example. His essays are beautiful. They are what they attempt to understand: meticulous making of meaning by reinventing our ordinary language.

Caryl Phillips’s The Nature of Blood by Betsy Sussler
​Caryl Phillips

In his latest novel, The Nature of Blood, this liturgical form is used to such startling effect that it is impossible to read it without calling out yourself. 

Letter from the Editor by Betsy Sussler